The opinions expressed in these student art pieces belong to the student artists and do not necessarily express views of the Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Elie Wiesel 2021 Student Art Show

Junior Division - D through H

Noah Dacumos | Alexandre de Bettencourt | Emmet Derni | Luke Faulkner | Jennifer Furey | Peyton Gallagher | Evelyn Gerard | Alexis Goboy | Ella Goodove | Celine 'Evie' Gorospe | Alexa Henderson | Aiden Hill

Noah Dacumos

St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mrs. Mercado


The Secret Annex - Second Floor

I chose this as my project because I think that hiding in a house in plain sight is very brave. I don’t know if I would be able to last very long in a confined space like the Annex, but Anne and her family did. I also think that it is cool how her family had a hiding place set up just in case something went off the rails. If it weren’t such high stakes, I might have thought it would be cool to have a hiding place. I’m not entirely sure how Anne felt about hiding, even though she explained in her diary, but through all of her hardships and fears, she pushed through.

Alexandre de Bettencourt

Hickory Day School (NC)
Mr. Jones


We Are All Colored


Emmet Derni

Spratley Gifted Center
Ms. Leyva


In Honor and Memory of Elie Wiesel


Luke Faulkner

The Williams School
Ms. Lee



In May of 2020, a man named Gorge Floyd died by having a knee on his neck for 8 minutes. The world watched as he screamed for his life and his mother. This sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. During the movement, protesters would spray paint over certain statues that had racist back histories. That is what my art depicts. It is showing what used to be a racist statue, replaced by what brought them down. I hope when people look at this, it sparks a conversation about how important this movement is. 

Jennifer Furey

Cape Henry Collegiate
Ms. Eden


Present Day Civil War

My artwork was inspired by the political war that raged through 2020 and continues to this day. Candidates fought each other, sending hurtful words and propaganda towards the other, only for personal gain. Battles over masks, new legislature, and COVID relief were all fought during this war. I was inspired to create a piece of art that showcases exactly this, demonstrating the quote by showing two separate sides. Politics is all about opinions, and when one side wins, the other loses. We are living in a time when picking and choosing sides is the name of the game, where neutrality is not an option. I wanted to demonstrate this and more in my artwork. 

Peyton Gallagher

The Williams School
Mrs. Lindgren


2020: A New Chapter in History

I created a collage of the events of 2020 taking place around the world. The collage represents the history that I witnessed in just one year, and will certainly be in the books my children and grandchildren study.
While COVID was the underlying theme of the year, many heartbreaking and crazy things happened as well. These events began in January when the president threatened to send bombs to Iran, almost sparking the beginning of WWIII. Other monumental events, such as the Australian wildfires, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, the postponement of the 2020 Olympics, the death of George Floyd, and the election of a new president highlighted the year. 

Evelyn Gerrard 

Hickory Day School (NC) 
Mr. Jones



 My artwork reflects the worst of times for this girl. The year 2020 has been a dreadful one and has had a big effect on many people. The girl in this piece reflects how everyone else in the world feels. She feels exhausted and upset from all of the things that have happened recently. On top of that, she already has the problems that most 13-year-old girls face. She feels that she is not pretty enough, or that she isn’t good enough.
This piece reflects how I felt during quarantine. I felt depressed more often and was terrified of what was going to happen next. I was lonely, too, but since we have gone back to school, I have been doing much better. I can see my friends now, and go out more often, even if I have to wear a mask.

Alexis Goboy

St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mrs. Mercado


Crematory Oven

The project displayed is a double-muffle incineration oven. After the mass gassing in Auschwitz, there were many orders for crematory ovens from the company Topf and Sons. 

Ella Goodove

Cape Henry Collegiate
Ms. Eden


What a Year

2020 has been a year! A lot has taken place this year with Coronavirus, the election, Zoom, protests and so much more. For me, the year has been a lot and I expressed how my head felt through the year. The person in the front is me and is in color. I chose to do the background without color to show how crazy and difficult everything was to process. I painted myself to show what it was like to be in 2020 fully masked during this pandemic. Without showing my eyes in the painting, it shows that I felt faceless behind the mask. Even though 2020 wasn’t the best year, I can see some good in it. I wanted to illustrate a visual of my feelings during this pandemic of many events. 

Celine 'Evie' Gorospe

St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mrs. Mercado & Mrs. Avis 


Anne Frank's Suitcase

Anne Frank’s suitcase was filled with her diary, postcards, celebrity photos, comb, hair curlers, and letters.  Her whole family put on as many clothes as they could and took only a few things with them so they would not look suspicious.  She brought her diary to write about their experiences at the secret annex.  She documented their time in hiding through her diary, like falling in love for the first time, Anne becoming a young lady, and surviving in the annex with her family for two years.  Anne treated her diary as her prized possession.  It was probably the most important item in her suitcase.  With the diary, she was able to write down her experiences, feelings, and it helped her survive at the annex.  Even if Anne didn’t survive the Holocaust, her diary survived and became an iconic item and a source of valuable information.

Alexa Henderson

St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mrs. Avis


Sewing Machine in the Ghettos

I picked a sewing machine for my project because it was passed down to me and is a family heirloom. This sewing machine was given to my grandmother when she was a little girl in 1946, then my grandmother gave it to my mom, and it ended up with me. The sewing machine is by the brand Singer and that is the brand the Jews used to work on in the ghettos. Singer sewing machines were affordable, so most people had them during that time. One of the jobs in the ghetto was to work on sewing machines in big factories. In the factories, the forced workers had to make uniforms and shoes for the German army. My sewing machine and box have the Star of David on them and in my box, I have the items needed for sewing that could help a person working in the ghetto.

Aiden Hill 

The Williams School
Ms. Lindgren


A Child's View of 2020

The year 2020 has been long and hard. Many bad things have happened and many people have been lost. I crafted this piece to show the things that I, as a child, have seen throughout the year. The mask represents the virus and how much it has impacted our lives. The gavel says A"H (peace be upon her) to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, while the Presidential Medal of Freedom says RIP John Lewis. I chose the gavel because Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a Justice, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom because it was given to John Lewis by Barack Obama. The closed sign represents how schools and businesses have closed. The money sign represents the declining economy. The BLM fist represents social injustice and protests. Finally, the "I Voted" sticker represents the tension from the election.