The opinions expressed in these student films belong to the student filmmakers, and do not necessarily express views of the Holocaust Commission or the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Senior Division

1st Place Senior Multimedia

Tifanni Mayes
Tallwood High School
Teacher – Ms. Kathleen LaRoue

The Warning Signs
My project is on the fascist ideals of Donald Trump. Lately, I have been distressed at the nation-wide acceptance of our 45th president, and I made this project in hopes that I could remind minorities to band together these next four years to practice love and tolerance for all.

2nd Place Senior Multimedia 

Caroline Vorndran
Tallwood High School
Teacher – Ms. Kathleen LaRoue

Plight of Refugees
Plight of Reguees is about President Trump’s immigration ban, mainly about Syrian refugees.  In my video, I used Elie Wiesel’s quote about insensitivity and indifference towards people and related it to American attitudes towards refugees. 

3rd Place Senior Multimedia 

Lauren Mesina
Tallwood High School
Teacher – Ms. Kathleen LaRoue

Woman's March for Equal Rights

In my short film, I wanted to show how history repeats itself. In this case, it is the woman’s rights movements and one big factor to it is abortion rights. This video shows how men and women unite when they feel as if their human rights are being violated no matter what the year is. This year, I got to participate in the Women’s March on Washington, an event that took place all around the world. I wanted to show my experience in protesting and all the people fighting for their rights.

Junior Division

1st Place Junior Multimedia

Naomi Williams
Plaza Middle School
Teacher – Ms. Grace Bonsall

Reflecting off of Elie Wiesel’s story, this shows how the Holocaust has impacted me at a personal level and has changed my view on the world. I explain different lessons that I have learned throughout my experiences and the importance of responsibility. That no matter who you are, you have choices in life, and no one can force you to do anything or change how you feel. It is up to you to choose your own path and do what’s right.

2nd Place Junior Multimedia

Charlotte Meader
Virginia Beach Middle School
Teacher – Ms. Erica Dean

Bob and Human Interdependence
For my project called, Bob and Human Interdependence, I created an animation of how ignoring humans’ problems leads to suffering, but taking action to be kind to others creates pride. I demonstrated this concept in my video by having a character, Bob, encounter three people who need help in various ways. Bob ignores their suffering and walks on, which represents moving on in his life and his indifference to human struggles. Then, Bob realizes that by not helping others that need assistance, he is not only hurting others but also himself and his moral conscience. Afterword, Bob begins to help others instead of ignoring them, and he feels happy and prideful. This relates to the Holocaust because the people who had the ability to help the suffering Jews and didn’t felt guilty about it afterward, while the rescuers who took action felt prideful and happy.

3rd Place Junior Multimedia

Tucker Pincus
Virginia Beach Middle School
Teacher – Ms. Nancy Horner

Holocaust Short Film
Before we started this project, we knew we wanted to depict the true sadness and tragedy of the Holocaust. Originally, we planned to create our film with four scenes; but, soon realized that, in order to give the audience a true feeling of what the Holocaust was accurately like, we must add many more plays of action to give meaning to the short film. In the film, Tucker played as a Nazi soldier who discovers a Jewish woman trying to escape. The role of the Jewish woman is played by Darby. The film starts off by showing the life full of happiness lived by Darby, who is playing Keila. Keila means capable of performing great things in Hebrew. As Jews began to have their rights taken away, Keila knows that bad things are soon to come. So, while she is in the forest, she hides because she hears the marching of a German soldier. Soon after she discovered a hiding place, a German soldier spots he rand forcefully grabs Keila by her hands and pushes her forward. As the German soldiers march Keila away, she realizes her future fate. She is a petite, weak woman and is not in any case familiar with the wrath of the Nazis, so she feels that she must escape immediately. In a moment of lack of focus, the Nazi soldier looked away and was soon to notice that Keila had taken her chance to run away. However, she did not get very far and soon tripped over a stick, tumbling down a hill, where the soldier found her and beat her for her attempt at escaping. After this, the soldier marched Keila to the gas chamber, where she was poisoned and killed that day. Though we tried our best, our short film will never resemble the true horror of the Holocaust.

Honorable Mention Junior Multimedia 

David Smith, Akye Johnson, & Kerby Guillaume
Great Bridge Middle School
Teacher – Ms. Ashley Mansell

For many years, African Americans were being discriminated against. There were numerous men and women that stood up against the injustices that were forced on them. We chose to recognize three of these African Americans, Jesse Owens, Malcolm X, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The activity stated that we were to depict an event in history that violated humanity. These three men had their rights violated, but still found the light at the end of the tunnel.