The opinions expressed in these student films belong to the student filmmakers, and do not necessarily express views of the Holocaust Commission or the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Senior Division

1st Place Senior Multimedia

Lawren Davis
Oscar Smith High School
Teacher – Ms. Cristina Foss

Police Brutality

My project is about police brutality and its effects. Police brutality is a very serious issue all over the world, but it is more commonly found in the United States. When officers use police brutality, they do not get in trouble like they should. I am hoping that my project will open eyes and inform people about police brutality.

Junior Division

1st Place Junior Multimedia

Ellie Robertson
Norfolk Collegiate School
Teacher – Ms. Hastings

Remember the Holocaust
My movie shows the terror of the Holocaust through a young, Jewish girl’s eyes. She is put on the Kindertransport train and is sent to London where she will stay with a foster family until the war ends. Hitler and the Nazis took away millions of lives. 1.5 children died during the Holocaust, and nothing like this should ever happen again. Never forget the Holocaust.

2nd Place Junior Multimedia

Edward McDonald & Mason Jessee
Great Bridge Middle School
Teacher – Ms. Ashley Mansell

Oskar Schindler was a man who faced extreme risks and through bribery and deception saved over 1,200 Jewish lives. We believe Oskar Schindler is righteous because he was one of the few people who stood up for what he thought was right. Even though Schindler lost all his fortune saving the Jews, we’re sure he would have it no other way. These reasons are why Oskar Schindler is righteous to us.

3rd Place Junior Multimedia

Ennass Alfahd
Norfolk Collegiate School
Teacher – Ms. Hastings

Stand Up
My goal for this movie is to make others aware that we need people having the courage to stop injustice when they see it. I want people to stand for the silent. I started my video by showing two examples of people who had the courage to help Jews during the Holocaust. I explain how young people in the world today have problems with bullying. At the end, I took photos of people holding up signs that would have words of inspiration. I pulled all of my pictures and videos together on iMovie.