The opinions expressed in these student films belong to the student filmmakers, and do not necessarily express views of the Holocaust Commission or the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Junior Division

1st Place Junior Multimedia

Brooke Rogers
Norfolk Collegiate School
Teacher – Ms. Hastings

From the Other Side
My video is presented from the eyes of a young German girl who hears about Hitler and disapproves. She is sent to the League of German Girls and is taught to be devoted to Germany. Others are brainwashed, but she knows what’s happening and decides to take a stand for what’s right.

2nd Place Junior Multimedia

Tabitha Thornton & Elizabeth Hughes
Norfolk Collegiate School
Teacher – Ms. Hastings

Elizabeth: This movie makes you think what a word without intolerance would look like, and what would have happened if more people would have stood up and resisted the Nazis.

Tabitha: Our Multimedia presentation shows what life would be like if there was no intolerance in the world. If there were no outcasts, discrimination, or no oppression in general. Can you imagine that?

2nd Place Junior Multimedia

Deanna Sanchez & Brianna Arluk
Lynnhaven Middle School
Teachers – Ms. Morrison & Mr. Denny

Movements of Humanity
Deanna: Our project uses scripted images and dance to reveal the fear, isolation, and torment that an entire human race experienced during the Holocaust. It encourages a future that has learned from the horror and grown from the pain, so that it may never be repeated, anywhere in the world, at any level.

Brianna: For our multimedia project, I wanted to use the movements of a contemporary dance that inspired me to show both a world filled with intolerance and a way to make today’s world filled with support and togetherness. Through pictures, words, and dance, I hoped to make this come alive!

3rd Place Junior Multimedia

Evelyn Gardner & Perry Mckay
Norfolk Collegiate School
Teacher – Ms. Hastings

Evelyn: We show dominos symbolizing the steps of Hitler to have Christian Germans the top race in the world with no Jewish people. We also show a girl with a toy to show the innocent Jewish children that were killed without any second thoughts. We used the quote from Mahatma Gandhi with the dominos to show the steps. We had emotional scenes and good symbolism.

Perry: This video symbolizes the steps Hitler took to make Christian Germans a superior race and eliminate all other ethnicities and races. We used the domino effect to show how Hitler’s steps relate to Mahatma Gandhi’s quote. The teddy bear that the girl drops symbolizes how the young and innocent were killed without question. In a desert of death and intolerance, the clouds of hope will rain.

Honorable Mention Junior Multimedia

Rachel Cooke
Norfolk Collegiate School
Teacher – Ms. Hastings

Walking in the Footsteps
My video is about how many Germans merely followed in the footsteps of Hitler and went along with evil acts toward humanity. Hitler told them that these acts were right; but, in reality, they were very wrong. It brings together the past and the present, and how there is discrimination in both.