2024 Video Winners


The opinions expressed in these works belong to the student artists and do not necessarily express views of the Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.


First Place Senior Video

Alexander Griffin and Zuhra

High Bluff Academy


The Impact of the Taliban on Girls Education: I worked with my friend Zuhra to highlight the importance of girls education in Afghanistan, and how it is currently against the law.



Second Place Senior Video

Anay Sabhnani

High Bluff Academy


UAE: Human Trafficking is one of the most pressing human rights violations of our time. Many Middle Eastern countries including the UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain have been recently industrialized due to the finding of oil in their countries. This oil has led to a newfound development and industrialization of this region, specifically the UAE. However, the kafala system has been the reasoning for the development of this country, which has led for cheap development, in turns of human labor; something which has been a huge violation of human rights. This video explains the inner working of this system and how it impacts make 3rd world countries including India, Pakistan, and Nepal.



First Place Junior Video

Lila Allen, Legend Crowder, and Olivia Young

Great Bridge Middle School


The Journey of a Young Kitty Saks: Our video takes you on a journey through the life of young Kitty Saks. As a holocaust survivor, she had a tragic childhood. She was 6 years old when WWII broke out, and only 9 when the holocaust began. With our video, we spread awareness of how Kitty, and millions of other children, had to hide their true identities for years.



Second Place Junior Video

Alexandra Riek

Great Bridge Middle School


Slivers of Light: I made a sliver of light because I felt it was the best way to express my emotions about the situation. The holocaust is a tragedy that has left millions of people without answers and looking for hope. My art will help people gain education and awareness of this topic.



Third Place Junior Video

Alesha Clarke and Maelani Richardson

Great Bridge Middle School


The History of the Holocaust: The video we created was made to describe and talk about the Holocaust and its effects. We are truly sensitive to this event and wanted to make a video to inform and get the message across. In the video, we mention what the holocaust is, why it's still important, who was harmed, and other informative information. We worked hard on this video and are excited to submit and show our working abilities as a team. The video we have submitted has great and informative pieces of information with fun transitions and music. We also have many pictures. We are truly grateful to have this opportunity to show our talents and inform people at the same time about a very important event.



Special Commendation Junior Video

Leoni Jones, Aria Suazo, and Sydney Thompson

Great Bridge Middle School


An Interpretation of "Winter": Our video takes a look into the story of how the painting, "Winter," by Gari Melchers, was purchased, stolen, and returned, along with its tremendous effect on how art from the past can impact present times. We transformed ourselves to render this painting by telling its story along the way. Even the simplest of pieces can have fascinating and transfixing backgrounds. We chose this piece because we were able to personally connect with the simple subject matter. We found our inspiration in the justice of stolen art being returned.