The opinions expressed in these student art pieces belong to the student artists and do not necessarily express views of the Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Elie Wiesel 2021 Student Art Show

Junior Division - A through C

Alessandra Avis | Jack Bartlett | Joshua Bentivoglio | Molly Bohannon | Chloe Bolick | Madilyn Caballero | Olivia Cajulis | Jaden Camba | Karina Clark

Alessandra Avis

St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mrs. Mercado


Children of the Holocaust

I made this art piece for my novel study The Diary of Anne Frank. Reading about Anne and learning about the Holocaust, in general, made me think of the children of war. They were so filled with fear! They were separated from their families, saw many horrible things, were beat and sick, and sadly, many were killed. 


This piece is an attempt to show their sadness and worry. The butterflies signify the children who lost their lives during this dark time. Butterflies are a symbol of hope and new life. Every butterfly has a different pattern and different colors to represent the different ages, different places they came from, different feelings that they had, different camps and deaths that they may have suffered. The boy in the bottom corner is a prisoner at Auschwitz. The girl in the upper corner is a youth in the Warsaw Ghetto as she awaits her transportation to the camps. I hope this art piece does the memory of these many innocent lives justice. 

Jack Bartlett

Hickory Day School (NC) 
Mr. Jones


Shadows & Light

The base image is a little boy sitting in a hallway huddled and crying. In the shadows behind the child, there is the dark angel, symbolizing death, depression, and despair. The white angel symbolizes hope and friendship. The white angel is helping the boy be in a comfortable setting. The black angel is trying to turn the child into a depressed and sad lifestyle. This symbolizes how 2020 has felt for most of us.

Joshua Bentivoglio

St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mrs. Avis


Through Frank's Eyes

My favorite part of this diary are the entries inside; it is different from the rest as they only have outer covers. The easiest thing I relate to is one of Anne's possessions. 

Molly Bohannon

Cape Henry Collegiate
Mr. Warden



My drawing represents the many times people feel silenced, either because they are discriminated against, are afraid, or don't feel like they have a voice. There have been many instances throughout history when people felt silenced. My drawing shows a girl wearing a mask because of COVID. In the background of my drawing, I wrote some important quotes by Elie Wiesel and John Lewis to remind us to speak up for what is right. Silence only helps the bully or persecutor. Discrimination still exists and we need to speak up. Today, we also face an invisible threat - the coronavirus. We have to speak up to protect and support each other. 

Chloe Bolick

Hickory Day School (NC)
Mr. Jones



In the year 2020, we’ve had numerous issues that are very tough as a nation to overcome. The issues such as the pandemic, quarantine, different political views, and violence have had a huge impact on our world. My art piece displays these issues throughout the year 2020 from the atmosphere onto the Earth using images such as caution tape and political images like the Democrat and Republican signs. 

Madilyn Cabellero

Great Bridge Middle School
Ms. Bishop


The Ashes of Hope

In the artwork, the word "hope" is represented by the angel wings and glowing halo. Alongside hope, there is also despair, shown through the flames in the background, the infected eye, and the sharp, pointed horns. To show and represent the effects of 2020,  I drew the character with his mouth sewn shut. This represents the fact that some people are being silenced on social media and other platforms, while others are having something special taken away from them. In this character's case, it is his ability to speak. 

Olivia Cajulis

Cape Henry Collegiate
Mr. Warden



My drawing represents how people survived the Holocaust and still had some hope. The hand ripping the paper represents freedom because the piece of paper reads B-3087, which is also a book. The building with barbed wire is a concentration camp and people walking away from it. This represents people leaving the concentration camp behind and attempting to return to their old lives. 


Jaden Camba

St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mrs. Mercado


The Inner Workings of a Concentration Camp

I recognize that art during the Holocaust was more than just creating a work of art. Art among the people of the Holocaust was a way to express their desperation, pain, and loss that tore at their hearts and broke their minds. My art piece is meant to just give a glimpse of the hard labor the Jews were put through, and the outside of a concentration camp they were forced into.

Karina Clark

Stewart Middle School
Ms. Fitzgerald



In my artwork, I like to use a subtle, but detailed style. I always add something dramatic and unsettling to stir the emotions of those who see my pieces. In this piece, I focused on the emotion in the young boy’s eyes to represent the suffering and sadness that innocent children have endured. The blood splatters represent the killing of innocent people during the Holocaust and the violence in today’s world.